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Founded in 1999,re-established in 2006 and revise in 2013, Department of Community Health andNetwork Coordination is one of technical departments of National Institute ofHygiene and Epidemiology (NIHE). Our functions are: to pprovide technical support to strengtheningthe capacity and quality of preventive medicine system, especially for 28provincial preventive medicine centres in the North of Vietnam; to providetechnical support for health centres in preventive medicine system; to createprojects, and implement non communicable diseases prevention actions; andextend interventions to improve community health.

Department ofCommunity Health and Network Coordination has young, enthusiastic and dynamicstaff who constantly strengthen their professional qualifications. Over the years, thedepartment has implemented numerous monitoring activities, consultancy, andprovided training courses and technical support to enhance the capacity andquality of preventive medicine system in diseases control and prevention.Besides this, the department is one of the invaluable support units of MOH todevelop and issue technical guidelines and police documents related tosurveillance and control diseases and function and mission of preventivemedicine system.

I.Functions: 6 main functions

Monitoring and evaluatingthe organization, personnel, equipment, facilities and the implementation ofprofessional activities of Preventive Medicine Centres and International MedicalQuarantine Centres; Proving recommendation and developing measures tostrengthen the capacity of preventive medicine system.

Having coordinationand collaboration with other technical units of NIHE to implement technical supportactivities for health centres in preventive medicine system to perform theirprofessional activities.

Providing guidanceand technical support for preventive medicine system in NCDs control andprevention.

Presiding and participatingprograms, scientific research projects and the international cooperationprograms in these fields: Community health and health risk related to naturalconditions, cultural, and socio-economic; Primary health care and communityhealth promotion; Health system and preventive medicine system; NCDs controland prevention; Maternal and child health care.

Collaboratingwith Faculty Training and Scientific Management in developing programs, andcompiling lectures, and specialized books for postgraduate education, universityand laboratory technicians, ongoing training for staff preventive medicinesystem.

Performing otherduties assigned by directorate of Institute.

II.Structure: 4 technical sub-departments  

1.       Network Coordination:Developingmeasures, monitoring activities and coordinate with other departments in NIHEto provide technical support to ensure the sustainable of health centres inpreventive medicine system.

2.       Community healthstudy and intervention: Establishing andimplementing researches and programs to detect the health risk factors, then,provide recommendations and create relevant health education programs toenhance the awareness of community for diseases prevention.

3.       Maternal and childhealth care: Carryingout research and projects/ programsabout maternal and child health care.

4.       Non-communicablediseases prevention: Providing technical support, developing and implementing research andprevention activities about NCDs.

 III.Research - Coordination:

Health system and health system management:

Department of Community Health and Network Coordination hascollaborated with other specialized departments, Preventive Medicine Centres tocarry out researches related to health systems and health system management, whichare:

Assessment of theimplementation progress for national preventive medicine centres standards of28 centres in the north of Vietnam.

Assessment of the National Influenza Sentinel Surveillance System inVietnam

Community-based surveillancesystem of avian influenza, influenza-like illness and dengue fever/denguehemorrhagic fever along the Cambodia and Vietnam border.

Assessment of communicabledisease surveillance system and early response for respiratory diseases ofProvincial Preventive Medicine Centres.

Assessment of bio-safetylevel of laboratory in Provincial Preventive Medicine Centres.

Assessment of organizationalstructure and manpower at district preventive medicine centres in the Northernprovinces.

Management and projectplanning based on evidence

Community health research

By the support of ADB, WHO, World Bank, some researches have beencarried out to enhance community health:

The impact of Climate Changeon the health of vulnerable communities in Viet Nam and proposing interventionmeasures.

The impact of Climate Changeon Waterborne Diseases in Vietnam in the period of 2000-2010

Greater Mekong Subregion Trade Project on infectious diseasesprevention, phrase II: Maternal and child health

Assessment of information -education - communication materials & knowledge - attitudes - practices ofcommunity in respond to rabies.

Usability and Acceptabilityof Aerosol Delivery Device for Measles Vaccine.

Maternal and child health care

By the support of ADB, WHO, AMP, Plan, Save the children…, someresearches have been carried out to enhance maternal and child health andstrengthen awareness of community about maternal and child health care:

Strengthen activities forprevention and control of diarrheal diseases in children

Socio-cultural research onknowledge, attitudes and practices/behaviours of various groups and youngadolescent girls towards cervical cancer and its preventive measures includingHPV vaccine.

Usability and Acceptabilityof Uniject for Pentavalent vaccines in Vietnam.

Assessment of IMCI skills ofthe village health workers in two provinces of Nghe An and Quang Tri

Evaluating IMCI activitiesin five provinces in Vietnam

Evaluating IMCI activitiesin PLAN project provinces

Non-communicable diseases prevention

Asa new field has just been established, NCDs control and prevention activitiesnow are concerned, and invested. Some activities have been implemented, suchas:

Assessment the status of NCDsprevention activities of Preventive Medicine System of Vietnam

Participating in STEPS.




ImplementingISO 9001-2008, Department of Community Health andNetwork Coordination has built "The process of evaluation and capabilitycertification for microbiological testing for Provincial Preventive MedicineCentres". This process has been assessed, evaluated and approved in 2015.

Besides,two other processes have been developed and have been in process of evaluation,which are:

The process for coordinationand organization of monitoring, testing and evaluation activities

The process for coordinationand organization of technical consultancy activities

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