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 In several years rabies in our country has caused many deaths, affecting public health, society negatively, causing considerable economic losses. In the period of 2011 - 2016, on average, there are 92 deaths per year and about 400,000 people bitten by dogs must sought medical care or treatment, direct damage annually over 800 billion VND. In 2016, rabies occurred in 28 provinces and cities (concentrated in the Northern midland and mountainous provinces), causing 91 deaths and 411,937 people had to get post-prophylaxis treatment. In the first 5 months of 2017, 23 people died from rabies in 12 provinces and cities. The main reason is due to: (i) the management of household dogs of many localities had not been given adequate attention, especially in the statistics of current individual of dog, the establishment of management books for domestic dogs, captivity, dog chains. The status of dog who is free to bite people is still popular, especially in rural, remote and isolated areas; (ii) rabies has been circulating in our country for many years, but about 80% of farmed dogs are not vaccinated against rabies; Vaccination is largely not based on the total number of actual breeding dogs but only on the target of vaccination plan; (iii) the use of traditional medicine to treat rabies still leads to many deaths due to rabies; (iv) propaganda and dissemination of law on rabies prevention and the application of sanctions for violations of regulations on management of domestic dogs, vaccination against rabies for dogs has not been strictly implemented; (v) research and production of rabies vaccines in the country has not been given enough attention, so the supply is not proactive and the cost is still high; It is also necessary to import vaccines that are expensive for prevention of rabies. 

 In order to strengthen the prevention and control of rabies, especially focusing on strictly managing dogs and raising the rate of vaccination against rabies for domestic dogs, minimizing the transmission of rabies to humans, reducing the number of people bitten by dogs and the number of deaths due to rabies, the Prime Minister asked the Presidents of the People's Committees of the provinces, Ministries and branches in relation to direct the overcoming of these limitations; at the same time, urgently organize the implementation of the "National Program to control and eliminate rabies in the period of 2017-2021" (hereinafter referred to as the National Program) approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 193 / QD-TTg dated February 13, 2017, in which, the following main measures are focused:

1. Chairmen of People's Committees of provinces and cities under central authority:

a) Direct the People's Committees at all levels to regularly supervise and inspect the law observance on the prevention and control of rabies in humans and animals. The heads of the People's Committees at all levels shall take full responsibility in directing the implementation of measures to prevent and fight rabies; handling irresponsible officials who loose management of this law.

b) Based on the objectives and contents of the National Program, the Prime Minister's Directive, the guides and documents of ministries and branches in relation, urgently issuing documents to direct the People's Committees at all levels and relevant departments and agencies implement specific activities, in accordance with local realities, in order to achieve the highest results in the prevention and control of rabies in the locality; using the results of the prevention and control of rabies as the criteria for considering emulation and commendation of the locality, such as: recognizing cultural families, reviewing officials and party members to fulfill the tasks of the year

c) Annually elaborate, supplement and approve local plans for prevention and combat of rabies, prioritizing the allocation of adequate funding and resources for the management and vaccination of rabies, such as: support rabies vaccines for animals in the area to improve vaccination rates; support vaccination for post-exposure treatment for people in poor, remote, extremely difficult areas and people participating in rabies prevention when bitten by dogs, cats or exposed to rabies; monitor the circulation of rabies to warn the community; conduct communication activities; conduct statistics, make books to monitor households registering dogs, commit vaccination for dogs and cats ...etc.

d) Review and do statistic the number of households raising dogs in each residential area, make a book to manage households raising dog and number of domestic dogs in each household to support the above-mentioned rabies vaccination dogs; require dog owners to commit to strictly implement the declaration and registration of household dogs, chain, confine and vaccinate rabies vaccines according to regulations. The grassroots government is responsible for publicizing dog owners who not comply with regulations on vaccination for rabid dogs.

e) Direct People's Committees at all levels to take initiative in coordinating with specialized animal health agencies and grassroots animal health organizations in conducting the vaccination for raccoon dogs, ensuring the target of coverage of vaccination according to regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Hold peak months of rabies vaccination for dogs; regularly reviewing and supplementing vaccines, avoiding missed subjects to be vaccinated.

e) Disseminate deeply in the community, organizations and individuals about the dangerous of rabies, signs of rabies; measures to effectively prevent and fight rabies and law provisions on rabies prevention and combat. Enhance the responsibility of dog owners to the community; Encourage communities involve in monitoring, detecting and notifying local authorities, veterinary and medical agencies about cases of suspected dogs, cats and animals infected with rabies.

Publicize the addresses of health care units in the area for people who are bitten by dogs and cats can get post-exposure prophylaxis immediately. Strictly forbidden individuals to use traditional methods or medicine which have not been recognized as drugs for treatment of rabies.

g) Strictly apply sanctions for violations of regulations on domestic dog vaccination as stipulated in Decree No. 167/2013 / ND-CP dated November 12, 2013 and Decree No. 41 / 2017 / ND-CP dated April 5, 2017 of the Government. Examining and strictly handling administrative sanction for violations against organizations and individuals using medical technical professional methods which have not yet been recognized and used drugs not yet permitted for treatment of rabies. All violations to the prevention and control of rabies law provisions should be strictly handled in accordance.

h) Direct, review and build rabies-free areas, especially in tourist areas, areas of cities, towns and densely populated areas.

2. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Ministry of Health:

a) Promulgate documents to direct and guide localities in elaborating plans to proactively prevent and fight rabies; organize the implementation of technical measures to quickly control and proceed to eliminate rabies in Vietnam according to the objectives set in the National Program.

b) Actively implement communication campaigns to improve the responsibility of dog owners for the community and people's awareness to actively participate in prevention and control of rabies in the community. Develop and provide communication materials for prevention and control of rabies on humans and animals for localities to improve the effectiveness of propaganda.

c) Actively establish inspection teams, inspect, urge and guide the work of prevention and combat of rabies in localities.

d) Strengthen the capacity in monitoring of rabies cases with support and participation of the community; According to the One Health approach, there should has a close coordination of veterinary and medical sectors, ensuring compliance with the provisions of law.

đ) Conduct professional training for veterinarians and preventive health workers to improve the capacity and skills in surveillance, epidemiological information investigation of rabies in humans and animals.

e) Direct relevant or specialized organizations to strengthen research in collaboration with enterprises to produce rabies vaccines, actively supply domestic vaccines and reduce vaccine product costs.

g) Proposing to the Government to supplement policies to support rabies vaccines for poor districts under the Government's Resolution 30a; support rabies vaccine and immunoglobulin for preventive treatment for poor and ethnic minority people living in remote areas. Additional, supplement health insurance policies for people bitten by dogs.

h) Quarterly sum up and report to the Prime Minister on the results of the prevention and control of rabies in humans and animals; propose solutions to solve any difficulty and obstacles in the process of implementation.

3. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Planning and Investment balance and ensure the budget for rabies prevention and control activities in human and animals, proceed to eliminate rabies in Vietnam.

4. The Ministry of Education and Training coordinate with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Health in formulating communication contents and directing the implementation of rabies communication at schools.

5. The Ministry of Information and Communications direct press and communication agencies to enhance the propagation of rabies prevention and control according to the documents of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Health; coordinate with relevant ministries and branches in celebrating advanced examples; promptly detect and criticize localities, agencies, organizations, units and individuals with subjective attitude, neglect the duties in the prevention and combat of rabies.

Ministers, heads of ministerial-level agencies, presidents of provincial People's Committees, concerned agencies and organizations shall strictly and effectively implement contents of this Directive. /.


Trinh Dinh Dung

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